Sweet Miss Crickett….

The week started off on a very sad note….my mom’s beloved miniature Schnauzer, Crickett aka Missy Girl,  had to be put to sleep early Monday.

In recent months she had gotten to the point she would not let anyone pet her except on the top of her head…then it had to be her idea!!! She never snapped at anyone or became aggressive, just yelped like you had stepped on her toes or something. The only exception to this was the kids…Erin, Madison, Alexes or Jessica could pet her and love on her all they wanted and she just stood there…guess she knew better than to bite those grandbabies!!!

The same was not true for the groomer. She had gone to Elaine at Berend Brothers to be groomed her whole life, but the last several months were difficult and she would not have any part of being groomed (snapping at and biting Elaine)…almost like her skin was hyper-sensitive. So Mom didn’t force the issue and just let her hair grow out until she became quite scruffy…I thought she looked cute but the hair in front of her eyes had gotten so long it had to have obstructed her view. Mom contacted the vet last week  for their advice to get her to the groomer…they recommended a mild sedative to calm her down enough to be groomed.

On Monday, Crickett was her bouncy self…busting in thru the doggy door, bounding in the house and jumping over the AC return air vent in the floor of the livingroom only to stop in the middle of the floor and wag her stubby little tail as hard as she could!!! 🙂

Mom gave her the first sedative and gave it some time to work per the vet’s instructions and headed off to the groomers. When they arrived Crickett wanted nothing to do with being groomed and snapped at Elaine again. Mom could tell something was wrong so they decided to take her down the road to the vet’s office to get her checked out. Unfortunately, the vet’s recommendation was grim…he said she was in alot of pain and it was time…Mom and Dad had  some time with her, told her good-bye and left the room…they got to see her afterward and saw her at peace and no longer in pain. Losing a pet sucks….

Crickett used to stay with us when Mom and Dad went on vacation and we will miss her when they go on their annual trek this summer. She lived 14 good years and was loved by the whole family. Now she is in Heaven with Pepper and they are running and playing pain free…along with our beloved babies we have lost ourselves…Buddaboo,  Shadow and Murphy (aka Murph-Mop)….they capture a little piece of your heart when they come into your life and take it with them when they are gone.

When I got the call from Mom about the days events, I had already picked Erin up from school. I started crying when Mom told me what had happened and Erin was able to deduct from the conversation that something had happened to Crickett so I was tasked with giving her the bad news. After a good cry she asked me if Crickett was with God…I told her yes and she said “so she is in my heart like Bumpa” (her great grandfather that had recently passed away)…I told her yes, she put her hand on her little heart and said “I can feel her puppy feet”. Needless to say, the waterworks started again…she has such a tender heart. Kids just understand things on a different, innocent level that is wonderful.

Sweet Crickett
Sweet Crickett
Missy Girl...
Missy Girl…

Rest in peace Missy Girl….we will miss you!!!!

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