The trip back to Texas…

Started the day like I had since I arrived…early, with my laptop and a cup of black coffee!!!

My cousin Kevin was just leaving for work when I got up so I was able to tell him good-bye as well.

Had another nice visit with Erma and thanked her profusely for letting me stay with her on this trip. She has always been one of my very favorite relatives and I love her dearly.

We went to breakfast at Denny’s (WAY better than the ones in Wichita Falls) and then it was off to the airport for my departure. I checked my bag and, since we were pretty early, we sat and did some people watching…that was fun!!!!

It was finally time to tell Erma good-bye….not a fun thing either…I was fine until I hugged her and the tears welled up in my eyes. When I told her that I loved her and she could tell I was crying, she said, “you’re not supposed to cry”….then she did. This is the part that really sucks about visiting family for vacation…leaving.

My flight from Minot to Minneapolis was pretty uneventful until I got to the Minneapolis airport and arrived at gate F16, and after consulting the arrival and departure screens, realized I was departing from gate C22….not EVEN close to each other!!! When I got to the end  of Concourse F and turned the corner to go to Concourse C, I felt like I was in the twilight zone because when I turned the corner, I thought I was in a mall!!!!! I managed to find the signs that directed me to Concourse C and headed out…OMG…it was a LONG DAMN WAY!!! Thank goodness for the moving walkways!!!! I arrived at my gate and still had a little bit of time to spare and catch my breath.

Upon boarding the plane I was seated next to a very nice young lady named Alina from Chicago and we had a nice visit all the way to Dallas, where she was going to visit friends for the weekend…sure helped pass the time. The landing into Dallas was quite bumpy due to high winds and I was never so glad to be back on the ground!!! Noel and Erin greeted me at the airport, we collected my suitcase and were off to Jess and Edwin’s for dinner. They treated us to Red, Hot and Blue BBQ….good call guys!!! It was very yummy and I was very hungry…my Denny’s breakfast wore off a couple hours before!!!

Erin and Jess and Cushie...

Erin and Jess and Cushie...

Double E cheesin!!!!

Double E cheesin!!!!

Erin enjoyed her visit with her Jessika and Ehwin!!!!

Two hours on the road and we were home…I think Madi was happy to see her Nana!!!! Even got a hug from Kristen!!! 😉 I think she may have missed her mom too!!!

Now I just need to win the lottery so I can move to North Dakota and see that my Grampa is taken care of properly and treated with the love and respect he deserves!!!!

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  1. Jessika says:

    I love this post…especially the pics!! Miss my little Erin already!

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