Day six…Thursday…

This is the last day here with my Grampa…not looking forward to telling him good-bye.

I didn’t pick Grampa up until just before our lunch with Erma and Mardine (Grampa’s sisters) at The Homesteaders today and I could tell when I got there that he was not in a very good mood…mostly because he was dreading the same thing I was. 🙁

We had a nice lunch and visit…even though Mardine was pretty quiet. Erma and I decided that just about everything in the place looked good because we were very hungry!!! I opted for the patty melt, Erma and Mardine had hamburger deluxe (that is what they call a hamburger with everything in North Dakota) and Grampa had the Sr Citizen shrimp (they have a strange idea of tartar sauce too).

After lunch we decided to take one last trip to the cemetary to make sure the flowers stayed put. I got out of the car and went to check them…it was still too wet for him to get out… and when I got back to the car and told him that they were good to go, he was crying again. 🙁 He really misses Bessie and said it upsets him because this is the first time he has not been able to put flowers on her grave since she passed away…I assured him that she understood and that it was ok. It was a very difficult trip for sure.

The new flowers on Gramma's grave

The new flowers on Gramma's grave

We went back to the nursing home and just hung out for awhile. Did some reminiscing about the good times we have had together over the years. I consider myself VERY fortunate to have had this man in my life for over 45 years. I remember being very excited, as a kid, when Gramma and Grampa came to visit!!! Les and I spent two summers with them when we were in our early teens and I have many fond memories of those visits as well. I think that is where I developed my love for cooking…Bessie was an AWESOME cook!!!!  I pattern my grandparenting after these two wonderful people and hope I do half as good a job with my grandkids as they did with Les and I.

After more shared tears…happy and sad…we decided to go downstairs and have pie and coffee before I had to leave. Leaving him is the hardest part of the trip and the part that SUCKS the most…I wanted to pack him up and take him back to Texas with me…I wonder how much paperwork WOULD be involved in that task.   When we got back to the room we visited for a little bit and then the time had come to say good-bye…lots of tears were shed and he told me some very sweet things that I won’t share here…but they will forever be in my heart. I kissed him good-bye and cried all the way back to Erma’s…I sure do love that old guy!!!!

Me and Grampa

Me and Grampa

The rest of the night was spent packing my stuff for my trip back home…I was ready to go back home but not ready to leave…if that makes any sense at all.

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