The Chair

We have this chair in our house that we bought years ago…it’s a Snuggler recliner from Lane, it’s wider than a regular chair but not quite as big as a loveseat and two people can sit in it comfortably…it started out as my chair but when Henna was a puppy she customized it for me…and not in a good way…she chewed the arm of the chair and another place on the front one night when we were in bed. I paid too much for the chair to just toss it out so we lived with it…for awhile. We finally took the plunge 3 years ago and bought new furniture for the livingroom…leather, because doghair doesn’t stick to leather!!! We finally thought we were going to gety rid of the chewed chair….but Henna had other plans!!! We took the chair out of the house and put it in the garage until Noel could haul it to the transfer station. Good thing he didn’t haul it off right away because Henna got depressed and just moped around without the chair. Needless to say, Noel and I are suckers and this ugly, chewed chair is STILL in our house…in the office. The dogs all love it and we refer to it as Henna’s throne now….because she IS the queen of the dogs in this house…well, she thinks so anyway!!! If someone comes over and sits in her chair she will sit in front of me and howl until I ask the “intruder” to choose a different chair…it’s usually just one of my kids or grandkids though so I am not too rude!!! I have had to put a sheet on the seat of the chair because the fabric is very worn and she has dug a hole in the cushion. It gets vacuumed of doghair regularly and the sheet washed very often so the upkeep is minimal for this eyesore. We have resolved ourselves to maintaining this chair in our home until something happens to Henna or we just can’t stand it anymore.   If you look close on the right hand side of the picture, you can see Henna’s handiwork…now that I think about it, maybe this was her plan all along!!!!

Here is one of the reasons this chair is still in our house… could I take this away from my sweet girl??? Yeah…she’s rotten!!!!

Her Highness

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