We are very proud to say that we are Nana and Papa to three of the most beautiful girls in the world…Jessica, Erin and Madison…just thought I would post some new pics of these three beauties!!! In case you can’t tell…Nana likes taking pictures of these gorgeous girls!!!

First…is Jessica…age 12

Such a pretty girl...

She'll be taller than me in no time...she's almost there now!!!

Love this fun shot!!

And then we have Erin (5 1/2)¬†and Madison(4)….

Running in the bluebonnets...

So sweet....

This one really captures our Madi-Sue!!!

We also have a new granddaughter(Hailey -7) and grandson(Dylan -5) in Alabama and we can’t wait to meet them…hopefully that will happen this summer!!!!

Stay tuned…more blogs to come…it’s all coming back to me now!!!

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  1. Mari says:

    They are too cute!

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