Playing catch up…

Ok…so I have been out of blogging mode for quite some time now…time to get back in the swing of things and keep this thing up.  A friend inspired me to get back into blogging when she took the bull by the horns and started one herself. I wish her lots of luck and hope it is as therapeutic for her as it is for me.

Well…since my last blog in September of last year alot of things have happened….good and bad. The first good thing is that my daughter, Kristen, got engaged and married a great guy. She met Jeremy when she was 15 and he was 19, in the Air Force and stationed at Sheppard. We wouldn’t allow her to date himat that time because of the age difference so they became the best of friends and stayed in touch for years. They reconnected through the internet and it was like no time had passed…he moved to Texas and they have been inseparable, they became engaged in February and were married in April…and Erin and Madison adore him!!!  They live in Burk now…which kinda sucks because I don’t get to see the girls as often…but they are doing great and we couldn’t be happier for them!!!

Done deal!!!

We had a small dinner for them to celebrate their marriage and I snapped a few pics…Jeremy is from Alabama so the cupcake tree has a Crimson Tide A on the top (thanks to my Cricut)…welcome to the family Jeremy!!! Love you both!!!

Erin and Madison picked out these bears for the newlyweds!!!

This isn't going to go well!!!!

Told ya!!!

It's all good!!!!

How cute are these two together??? Love my Beebs and Germy!!!

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  1. Mari says:

    They are too cute…..I wish them the best!
    Glad to hear you are blogging again…..we’ll see how it goes for me. =)

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