New Baby

So I get a text from Jessika asking me if I knew anyone that might be interested in giving a good home to a male Teacup Chihuahua…I said “uhm, yeah!”. So when they came to visit for the weekend of the 4th, they brought him with them for us to have a trial run (yeah, right!!) I have wanted one forever fell instantly in love with him.  The name given to him was Sake but I don’t think it suits him so we are getting to know him and it will come to us…for now he is just Lil Man. He has found a place on my desk on Noel’s favorite blanket…for his naps in his chair…til I get his blanket washed that came with him. We had a small bout with fleas (thank goodness for K9 Advantix!!) and Jessika lost that battle and left here Sunday with some bites on her legs….sorry Jess!!!!

I am sure there will be lots of tales to tell of our new little pup in the future. He is already rotten!!!!

I want to say a special THANK YOU to Krystle….he is in good hands…I promise!!!!

My sweet little man!!!!! Yes, he is perched on my desk!!!

My sweet little man!!!!! Yes, he is perched on my desk!!!

Til next time……

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2 Responses to New Baby

  1. Kimberly King says:

    I LOVE him!!! He is as cute as my little Puddles!!! They should meet… How old is he?

  2. Mari says:

    He is cute!!!! Congrats!!!!

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