Stupid Weatherman!!!!

OMG…will the spring times storms in June ever stop??? I believe the weatherman called for NO chance of rain for Saturday night…shows what he knows!!! I know we need the rain but I need my sleep too!!!

My beautiful Henna

My beautiful Henna

My sweet Siberian Husky, Henna, hates storms and thinks she needs to sleep on my pillow when they pop up in the middle of the night. I does not bother me but Noel is not fond of the part of her that he encounters when she sleeps on my pillow. His exact words were, “if she farted, she would part my hair”…so at least he has a sense of humor about it!!! My solution is to move to the daybed in the office when the storms pop up in the middle of the night like that…that way she can snuggle with me…she gets between me and the pillows against the back of the bed and out she goes!!! At least we all sleep that way.

Saturday night was a totally different story!!! We had bad storms rolling in all evening and finally hit us between 9-10…which was ok, but there was another line of storms behind it so I decided to go ahead and crash on the daybed with Henna and Tootie…she pants and shakes like a crazy dog when it storms but is much smaller and more tolerable at night…usually if I ignore her, she calms down, curls up and goes to sleep. All went well and when I woke up at 12:15 and checked the radar, all the storms had moved out of the immediate area so I moved back to my king size bed!!! At 12:45, Miss Henna was standing over me in the bed again…and that only means one thing….seizures are coming. She always manages to wake me up before it happens so I can help her through it…have I mentioned that I have a weird connection with this dog??  All I can do , per the vet, is give her her phenobarbital every day and support her when it happens…basically spectate and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. I have done massive amounts of research on the internet and my only comfort is knowing that she does not remember the seizure…IF they are like a human seizure, which my vet assures me is the case. To make a long story short, I was up with her from 12:45 until almost 4am….had to have a nap Sunday afternoon for sure!!!

I was very relieved when the storms that were building out west Sunday night started moving off to the north and east…I finally got a decent nights sleep…even though I got up and checked on Henna twice because she never came and got in bed with us…the seizures change her enthusiastic personality for a short time afterward and she is very lethargic after the bad seizures like she had on Saturday night/Sunday morning…I can handle the mild ones anyday!!! Gonna call the vet today and inquire about a drug for canine seizures that a friend from high school told me about last weekend…thanks, Karen!!!

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2 Responses to Stupid Weatherman!!!!

  1. Karen says:

    I don’t think the Acepromazine will work for the seizures! I just use it for my Bailey when the storms come through (rarely these days)—it’s like a tranquilizer and that may be counter-productive for seizures! Sorry for the confusion!

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, the vet pretty much told me the same thing…it was worth a try though!!! Thanks again!!!

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