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Fish Fry!!!!

The annual fish fry on Alamo took place on Saturday, May 16th, and despite a rainy start it was a HUGE success!!! Lots of great fish…caught by Noel and Mark….and good fixins to go with it made for a great … Continue reading

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Quick update!!!

For those of you that are wondering…Kristen’s divorce is finally a done deal!!!! On 5/13/09 she gained her new lease on life.  Noel and I felt like she needed something to commemorate this day so we sent her some flowers. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Bebe!!!!

Just wanted to take this time to wish my baby girl a Happy 25th Birthday!!!! It was at 11:43am on this date in 1984 that this beautiful girl came into my world. Since then she has had ups and downs … Continue reading

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Sweet Miss Crickett….

The week started off on a very sad note….my mom’s beloved miniature Schnauzer, Crickett aka Missy Girl,  had to be put to sleep early Monday. In recent months she had gotten to the point she would not let anyone pet … Continue reading

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The trip back to Texas…

Started the day like I had since I arrived…early, with my laptop and a cup of black coffee!!! My cousin Kevin was just leaving for work when I got up so I was able to tell him good-bye as well. … Continue reading

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Day six…Thursday…

This is the last day here with my Grampa…not looking forward to telling him good-bye. I didn’t pick Grampa up until just before our lunch with Erma and Mardine (Grampa’s sisters) at The Homesteaders today and I could tell when … Continue reading

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Day five…Wednesday…

Up early again….had a nice leisurely morning with Erma and several cups of coffee!!! Got a call from Grampa when I wasn’t there and he thought I should be. 😀 Picked up Grampa and took a rare trip (for him) … Continue reading

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Day four…Tuesday…

Up early today…4:45 to be exact!!! Woke up early and called Noel to tell him good morning. Missing my baby!!! I love you, Noel!! Picked Grampa up at the home at 9:30 to go to MarCo’s for caramel rolls…I could … Continue reading

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Day three…Monday

Monday was a very good day!!!! I picked Grampa up at 10 and took him to the doctor to get new molds for his hearing aids…did you know your ears and nose never stop growing??? I didn’t….anyway, after about a … Continue reading

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Day Two…Sunday

After sleeping for an unheard of (for me) 9 hours, I got up, had toast and coffee with Erma and was off to the nursing home again. On the way, I called my Aunt Janice that lives in a town … Continue reading

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